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Interior Design

Entry & Great Room

   PQ Design Studio interior designer,  Ashley Prikosovits, has created one of the most pristine and balanced interiors to be found in San Diego .The selection of materials are carefully arranged to evoke both tranquility and  sophistication. The duality of these characters equate to spaces which encourage pause.


Waterfall white quartz counters envelop the kitchen and extend up to the underside of the uppers cabinets. The lower cabinet located at the back of the kitchen are extended all the way through the Dining Room area. These cabinets create a built-in sideboard while perceptibly linking cooking and dining activities .  



 Master Suite

The clean material pallet of the great room migrates into the master suite. The whites and grays accentuate the overall size of the well portioned volume of the bedroom. Natural light is welcomed into the space from three sides creating an environment which encourages protracted stays.

The key architectural feature of the Master Bedroom is the use of windows. As one enters the Master Bedroom, they are immediately greeted with a large floor to ceiling window set. This window baths the space with an abundance of natural light which draws one into the space. Directly adjacent to this window is a pair of similar floor to ceiling windows allowing light to enter the space from the east. Finally, located in the upper third of the bed wall is a set of three clerestory windows.